Like all sacraments, the preparation for, and celebration of the sacrament of Marriage is grounded in the life and ministry of the parish. As primary ministers of the sacrament, the couple benefits from the experience and support of the community. At the same time, the couple’s love for each other gives the community a glimpse of Christ’s love for the Church, and thus is a blessing and support to the parish.

Couples wishing to get married at St. Columbkille should be registered members of our parish. This encourages a couple to begin practicing their faith at St. Columbkille before they are married. The actual marriage preparation begins a minimum of six months before a couple’s wedding date.

Wedding ceremonies are held on Fridays or Saturdays.

Couples interested in learning more about Marriage preparation and celebration at St. Columbkille should contact Deacon Bill Biver- Click Here to Email Deacon Bill Biver OR 563-580-6986.

The process includes:

The prayers and support of the parish community.

Meeting with the priest or deacon presiding at your wedding.

A pre-marriage inventory with follow-up discussions by Deacon Bill Biver.

A possible retreat for engaged couples.

Help with the planning of the wedding liturgy.

Pre-Cana class is required for anyone who wishes to be married at St. Columbkille Catholic Church. A couple planning to marry at St. Columbkille need to contact Deacon Bill Biver at (563) 556-5314 (Home) or (563) 580-6986 (cell), to set up an appointment for Pre-Cana classes before any wedding dates are set or halls are rented.

Marriage Preparation Couples Retreats

The tradition of “retreat” is an ancient one, especially for people of faith. Scripture tells us many stepped out of the normal rhythm of daily life to reflect on one’s journey and response to God’s call. Even Jesus took time in a quiet place to draw more deeply into the mystery of God’s will. From this example we lift up the value and opportunity to retreat for some concentrated time. Couples preparing for marriage are encouraged to participate in a retreat experience if at all possible.

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