Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of initiation and it binds one more closely to Christ, the Church, and to the mission of Christ in the world. Preparation for this sacrament at St. Columbkille helps confirmation candidates better understand what this means for their lives as individuals and members of the Christian community. Rather than a graduation from church, confirmation is a step in the process of continual conversion, life long learning, discipleship and stewardship of one’s gifts in the world.

Youth in grades 10, who have discerned readiness to receive the sacrament of confirmation should register for preparation through the Faith Formation registration. Because confirmation is not “graduation” or a completion of faith formation, all candidates for confirmation are expected to be involved in ongoing faith formation during the year. Confirmation candidates will participate in the following events and activities:

Confirmation Orientation (For Parents and Candidates)

Fall and Winter Faith Formation

Fall Confirmation Retreat (Pilgrimage)

Focus on Gifts and Giftedness (Through Christian Acts of Kindness)

Candidates will meet to study the sacrament of confirmation and prepare to receive full initiation into the faith.

The Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation is Wednesday, MARCH 16, 2016, 7:00 PM, with Archbishop Jackels.

In addition to participation in the designated events and activities, Confirmation Candidates will also need to find a sponsor and complete the service and reflection requirements. Guidelines for these will be handed out at the Confirmation Orientation in October.

Tips for Finding a Sponsor


When choosing a sponsor, reflect on Catholic adults in your life who you respect and admire. A sponsor is someone who not only journey’s through the preparation process with you, but they also serve as a role model and mentor in the faith. Because of the expectation on sponsors to participate in a number of preparation events, consider asking someone local, maybe even from the Pax Christi community.

Parents cannot be sponsors for their own children.

Other Requirements and Considerations

  • The Confirmation Information form should be filled out and handed in to St. Columbkille. If you were not baptized at St. Columbkille, you will be asked to provide an original copy of your baptismal certificate from the church where you were baptized.

  • Each candidate for Confirmation is asked to pick a saint’s name as their Confirmation name which will be used during the anointing at the Confirmation Mass. The process of researching various saints for consideration would make a great Candidate/Sponsor activity.

An inability to meet these expectations and requirements results in the postponement of reception of the sacrament.

Candidates are encouraged to participate in other aspects of St. Columbkille youth ministry and parish life.

More information about the confirmation preparation process, requirements, candidate/sponsor activities and more will be discussed at the orientation sessions in October.

Contact Alice Noethe, Pastoral Associate, 563-583-8573, x239, or
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