Prayer Requests for the Priests of the Archdiocese

Prayer suggestions: Mass, Rosary, Fasting, Eucharistic Adoration, Sufferings, Divine Mercy Chaplet; or as you are inspired!

Please pray for each Priest on the day of the month listed below. Pray for our beloved Priests always!! You can pray 365 days a year with this special prayer calendar listed below!

If there are 31 days in a month,m simply use that last day of the month to include everyone: Pope Francis, Archbishop Jackels (and all Bishops) and all our beloved Priests!

Day One

Pope Francis
Archbishop Jackels and all Bishops

Day Two

Fr. Rodney Allers
Fr. Dave Ambrosy
Fr. Richard Ament
Fr. Gabriel Anderson
Fr. Ray Atwood

Day Three

Fr. Greg Bahl
Fr. Don Bakewell
Fr. Paul Baldwin
Msgr. James Barta
Fr. Robert Beck

Day Four

Fr. David Beckman
Fr. Keith Birch
Fr. Jerry Blake
Msgr. Russell Bleich
Fr. James Blocklinger

Day Five

Fr. Scott Boone
Fr. Marvin Bries
Fr. James Brokman
Msgr. Walter Brunkan
Fr. Scott Bullock

Day Six

Fr. Ray Burkle
Fr. Dennis Cahill
Fr. Dennis Cain
Fr. James Chappell
Fr. Dennis Colter

Day Seven

Fr. Jose Comparan
Fr. Don Czapla
Fr. Rick Dagit
Fr. Brian Dellaert
Fr. Noah Diehm
Fr. Alan Dietzenbach
Fr. Wayne Droessler

Day Eight

Religious Men and Women of our Archdiocese

Day Nine

Fr. Jim Dubert
Fr. John Flaherty
Fr. Ron Friedell
Fr. Richardd Gaul
Very Rev. Ken Gehling

Day Ten

Fr. Phil Gibbs
Fr. Ken Glaser
Fr. John Grossman
Fr. Bernard Grady
Fr. Bob Gross

Day Thirteen

Fr. John Harpel
Fr. Joe Hauer
Fr. John Haugen
Msgr. Cletus Hawes
Fr. Don Hawes

Day Thirteen

Very Rev. Everett Hemann
Fr. Nils Hernandez
Fr. Don Hertges
Fr. Henry Huber
Fr. Louis Jaeger

Day Thirteen

Fr. William Joensen
Fr. Dennis Juhl
Very Rev. Don Klein
Very Rev. Dan Knepper

Day Fourteen

Fr. Dan Knipper
Fr. Harry Koelker
Fr. Jerry Kopacek
Very Rev. John Kremer
Very Rev. Phil Kruse
Fr. Tony Kruse

Day Fifteen

Archdiocesan Deacons and Seminarians

Day Sixteen

Fr. Dave Kucera
Fr. Richard Kuhn
CH (CPT) Andrew Lawrence
Fr. Paul Lippstock
Fr. Doug Loecke

Day Seventeen

Fr. Stephen Lundgren
Fr. Neil Manternach
Fr. Nick March
Fr. Tom McDermott
Fr. Mark McGovern

Day Eighteen

Fr. Paul McManus
Fr. Mike Mescher
Fr. Steve Meyer
Fr. Dennis Miller
Fr. James Miller

Day Nineteen

Fr. John Moser
Fr. Ivan Nienhaus
Fr. David O’Connor
Fr. John O’Connor
Fr. Mark Osterhaus

Day Twenty

Fr. Paul Peters
Very Rev. Donald Plamondon
Fr. Christopher Podhajsky
Fr. Michael Podhajsky

Day Twenty-One

Fr. Dennis Quint
Fr. Dale Rausch
Fr. Mark Reasoner
CDR. David Remy

Day Twenty-Two

Retired Priests and Religious

Day Twenty-Three

Fr. Mark Ressler
Msgr. Wayne Ressler
Fr. Carl Reis
Fr. Steven Rosonke

Day Twenty-Four

Fr. Marvin Salz
Fr. Richard Schaefer
Fr. David Schatz
Fr. Carl Schmitt

Day Twenty-Five

Fr. Joe Schneider
Ch. Col. Laverne Schueller
Fr. Michael Schueller
Very Rev. James Secora
Fr. Jon Seda

Day Twenty-Six

Fr. James Starbuck
Fr. Ken Stecher
Fr. Craig Steimel
Fr. Mike Tauke

Day Twenty-Seven

Fr. Herbert Tegeler
Fr. Dwayne Thoman
Fr. Phillip Thompson
Fr. John Tilp

Day Twenty-Eight

Msgr. Tom Toale
Fr. Louis Trzil
Fr. Dustin Vu

Day Twenty-Nine

For an increase in Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life, especially those in our Archdiocese

Day Thirty

Fr. Doug Wathier
Msgr. Lyle Wilgenbusch
Fr. Tom Zinkula

Jesus, Eternal High Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart, where none may touch them. Keep unstained their anointed hands, which daily touch Your Sacred Body. Keep spotless their lips, daily purpled with Your Precious Blood. Keep pure and unearthly their hearts, sealed with the sublime mark of the Priesthood. Let Your holy love keep them from the spirit of the world. Bless their labors with abundant fruit, and may the souls whom they serve be their joy and consolation here and their everlasting crown hereafter. Amen.

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