Finance Council


The Finance Council provides financial advice regarding:

  • The annual operating budget
  • The long term strategic plan
  • The parish’s financial condition, including its investment portfolio and debt obligations
  • Internal controls and
  • Communication of financial information.

Finance Council Purpose

Guided by the teachings of the Gospel, the St. Columbkille Finance Council advises the pastor and parish leaders how to best utilize the assets of the parish to meet the spiritual and social needs of our community.


GOAL: To strengthen the financial administration of St. Columbkille so as to serve the needs of the parish.


1) Strengthening programs for on-going education in the faith

2) Enhancing the Sunday assembly for Holy Mass

3) Teaching stewardship as a way of life

4) Promoting vocations in general, and priesthood in particular


Finance Council

Chair: Mike Kircher
Click here to Email Mike Kircher
Phone: 556-4981

Luke Steger
Click Here to Email Luke Steger
Phone: 599-5024

Abby Kramer
Click Here to Email Abby Kramer
Phone: 451-6095

Carleen Schroeder
Click Here to Email Carleen Schroeder
Phone: 451-2312

Kevin Crahan
Click Here to Email Kevin Crahan


Finance Council members are appointed by the Pastor. They must lead by example.

The Finance Council is responsible for planning, providing for, and supervising the financial affairs and physical properties of the parish. It is concerned with budget, church support, and the efficient use and maintenance of the parish buildings.

Appointed by the pastor, the Finance Council meets on the 3rd Thursday of every other month, 5:30 PM in Fogarty Hall.

All committees are accountable to coordinate and comply with Archdiocesan communications and policies.


 Finance Council members:  Front Row, left to right:  Abby Kramer, Michelle Rahe, Carleen Schroeder. Back Row, left to right:  Luke Steger, Chair:  Mike Kircher, and Fr. Gabriel.      


Subcommittee:  Buildings & Grounds

Rick Nunez
Phone:  588-2632

Tom Giese
Click Here to Email Tom Giese
Phone: 583-4530

Tom Kann
Click Here to Email Tom Kann
Phone: 542-1710

Trent Luoma
Click Here to Email Trent Luoma
Phone: 495-0498

Charlie Sisler
Click Here to Email Charlie Sisler
Phone: 599-7578

Joe Link
Click Here to Email Joe Link
Phone: 582-4985



St. Columbkille Parking Lot Committee

Jeff Morton                                                                               Mike Hoffmann

Joe Faley                                                                                         Dan Walsh

Barb Roling                                                     John D. Freund

Rod Schumacher                                                           Fr. Gabriel Anderson

Michelle Rahe



Convent Suites

Overnight accommodations for a group or family. Suites are located in our parish convent building Two Living Rooms & kitchen; thirty-eight beds available with restroom and shower facilities. Rental agreement is required.
Contact: Michelle Rahe, 583-9117


St. Columbkille Educational Endowment Fund

In addition to 5% of the Education Endowment Fund, generous parishioners continue to help pay tuition costs for our children’s Catholic education.
Contact: Michelle Rahe, 583-9117


Estate Planning

Please remember your parish in your Last Will & Testament. Leave a legacy for your family!  It is primarily through your parish church that you spend a lifetime preparing for eternity with God!


            Larry Gasper gave his home so that we could rebuild our parking lot! The memorial for his parents is a long row of rose bushes located on the east side of the Rectory, by the porch.


We appreciate the generosity of the Herrig Foundation, Thank you! Pictured with Fr. Gabriel are Larry Herrig, with his Mother, Marge.

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