FFC Subcommittee-Spiritual Growth

GOAL: To deepen parishioners’ spiritual lives, and equip our spiritual gifts for evangelization!

This committee promotes opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of parish members. The committee’s functions include: identifying the spiritual growth needs of all parish members; providing opportunities for spiritual growth through retreats, days of renewal, small group study, and prayer groups; and evaluating spiritual growth programs available in the Archdiocese to determine potential for renewal at St. Columbkille Parish.



1) Strengthening programs for on-going education in the faith

2) Enhancing the Sunday assembly for Holy Mass

3) Teaching stewardship as a way of life

4) Promoting vocations in general, and priesthood in particular


Spiritual Growth Committee

Chair: Kathy Kisting
Click here to Email Kathy Kisting
Phone: 583-5050

Rebecca Luoma
Click Here to Email Rebecca Luoma

Trent Luoma
Click Here to Email Trent Luoma

Melissa Tittle
Click Here to Email Melissa Tittle

Colleen Myers
Click Here to Email Colleen Myers

(Deacon Bill Biver)
Click here to Email Deacon Bill Biver
Phone: 556-5314


St. Columbkille Prayer Chain:

If you have prayer petitions, please call or email one of the people listed below, to be added to the prayer chain!

Julie Kouba, 557-1986, Click Here to Email Julie Kouba
Laverne Anglin, 588-3442
Lola Noonan, 582-6290
Rosemary Mallie- 582-7968
Fran Mescher, 582-3191
Madonna Portz, 556-7992
Connie McCoy, 556-1581
Barb Setter, 583-6207
Carol Powers, 588-4013


Bereavement Dinner Parishioners who have lost a loved one are invited to attnd.  This ministry gives us the opportunity to pray with grieving families and share a meal.  It brings people together and helps them to heal during this difficult time in their lives.
Contact:  Kathy Kisting, 583-5050


The groups below are not of our Pastorate, but supported by our Pastorate:

Mother's Prayer Group
Trust God completely with your children by prayerful surrender!  Please join us in prayer on Mondays at Noon.
Contact:  Liz Cushman, National Director, 582-7469
Group Leaders:  Mary Jean Gregory, Carol Murguia, Judy Wolf, Marna Stover, Amy Freund


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Increase Eucharistic Adoration at Every Tabernacle of Our Lord Jesus Christ!   Our parish churches are open every day until 4:00 PM.  The Power of Prayer, 1860 St. Ambrose Street, is open 24/7!  Jesus is waiting for YOU!
Contact: Melissa Tittle, 564-6365



All committees are accountable to coordinate and comply with Archdiocesan communications and policies.

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