Parish Life

GOAL: To develop a true and lasting sense of community between the families and individuals of St. Columbkille.


1) Strengthening programs for on-going education in the faith

2) Enhancing the Sunday assembly for Holy Mass

3) Teaching stewardship as a way of life

4) Promoting vocations in general, and priesthood in particular


Parish Life Committee

Kim Kelzer
Click here to Email Kim Kelzer
Phone: 815-747-3526

Jan DeMoully
Click here to Email Jan DeMoully
Phone: 513-0950

Sue Biver
Click here to Email Sue Biver
Phone: 556-5314

Mickey Maury
Click here to Email Mickey Maury
Phone: 540-613-7585

Rose Flynn
Click here to Email Rose Flynn
Phone: 588-1584

Kathy Schmit
Click here to Email Kathy Schmit
Phone: 588-4329

Kristi Howes
Click here to Email Kristi Howes
Phone: 495-5517

Sara Palmer, PC Rep
Click here to Email Sara Palmer
Phone: 590-1813

Patricia Derby
Click here to Email Patricia Derby
Phone: 451-3557

Parish Life Committee:

  1. Provides a welcoming committee to help newcomers at home.
  2. Establishes neighborhoods encouraging communications and neighboring.
  3. Reaches out to former members and to the un-churched in the parish.
  4. Develops programs of evangelization.
  5. Endeavors to involve every parishioner in an active, parish apostolate.
  6. Conducts surveys and census to maintain an up-to-date parish list.
  7. Is responsible for parish publicity and communications.
  8. Builds parish community with family centered activities.
  9. Supports family life through marriage programs and single parent groups.
  10. Ministers to single, seperated and divorced.
  11. Ministers to the youth.


That Man Is You!

Contact: Brian Topping, 663-8003
Mens Ministry meeting every Saturday, 7:00 AM

Let’s Do Lunch!

A social for people 55 and older.  Second Tuesday of the month, join us for lunch, visiting and card games. Call the parish office to register.  

Contact: Barb & Bill Kelzer, 582-1432


Circle of Healing Prayer Blankets

Contact: Shirley Lanners, 588-3152


St. Columbkille Golf Outing

Enjoy 4-person best shot, steak fry, live/silent auctions and more! Fun for drivers and chippers alike!


St. Columbkille Parish Family Picnic

Family picnic and fun.  Mass on Dunn Field at 10 AM.


Domestic Church Newsletter

According to the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution  on the Church:  “The family , is so to speak,the domestic Church.”   (Lumen Gentium #11) 

This means  that it is in the context of the family that we first learn who God is and to prayerfully  seek His Will for us.  The Domestic Church Core Team provides bi-monthly resources, articles, Home altar ideas, Family App features, and other family activities through the bi-monthly newsletter. 

Contact:  Patricia Derby, 451-3557


St. Padre Pio Relics

The relics of Padre Pio, are currently touring the United States, accompanied by Fra. Gianmaria DiGiorgio, a pupil of Padre Pio who worked with him as a seminarian.  There are several first class relics of Padre Pio that will be available for veneration in one large reliquary including one of his fingernails from when his body was exhumed, his hair, the gloves that covered his stigmata, and a linen cloth stained with blood from the wound in his side.   Coming to St. Columbkille!  Date to be set after May, 2017.

Contact:  Patricia Derby, 451-3557


Domestic Church Core Team

David Schroeder
Click here to Email David Schroeder
Phone: 451-2313

Carleen Schroeder
Click here to Email Carleen Schroeder
Phone: 451-2313

Craig Markham
Click here to Email Craig Markham
Phone: 451-1125

Michelle Markham
Click here to Email Michelle Markham
Phone: 663-0954

Chad Lueken (SJTW)
Click here to Email Chad Lueken
Phone: 564-1110

Dawn Lueken (SJTW)
Click here to Email Dawn Lueken
Phone: 564-0139

Brad Markham
Click here to Email Brad Markham
Phone: 203-2583

Laura Markham
Click here to Email Laura Markham
Phone: 581-1662

Janet Schwendinger
Click here to Email Janet Schwendinger
Phone: 590-4869

Mark O'Brien
Click here to Email Mark O'Brien
Phone: 599-7966

Elizabeth Hanson
Click here to Email Elizabeth Hanson
Phone: 620-757-6174

Pat Derby (Family Life Coordinator/Technology)
Click here to Email Pat Derby   
Phone: 451-3557


The groups below are not of our parish, but supported by our parish:

Ancient Order of Huberians (AOH)
Are you Irish? Join the AOH! We are the oldes and largest Catholic organization in the United States! The AOH is a place to meet like-minded Irish Americans who share the same values and beliefs.
Contact: Rob McCullough, 451-7265

St. Columbkille - David J. Ochs Council #15813 meets the First Wednesday of every month, 7:00 PM, Holy Rosary at 6:30 PM, Fogarty Hall.  

Contact:  Grand Knight, Al Schroeder, 495-3992


ACCW (Archdiocesan Council Catholic Women)

Empowers, Educates and Supports all Catholic Women in Spirituality, Leadership and Service.  “Being a woman of Mercy and Joy!  Balancing Love, Life, Laundry & Living the Gospel Messsage.” for more info.

Contact:  Joanne Pohland, 556-2580, x255


All committees are accountable to coordinate and comply with Archdiocesan communications and policies.
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